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i-charger for car
Supports 12v-24v vehicle voltage Supports 12V-24V vehicle voltage of various vehicles including trucks

i-charger for car
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Description ‧ PQI insists on developing a perfect set of car accessories for consumers. For those of you who are long-distance travelers it provides the iPod, iPhone, or iPad with ample power. With a dual USB port design it can simultaneously charge an iPod, iPhone or iPad, so you'll have uninterrupted power to use as much as you want until you reach your destination.This product has also gone through Apple's original factory certification and international-grade safety standards testing for even greater guarantee of quality and safety during use.
Power Supply Input:12-24V Output:DC5V2.1A
Dimensions 82.1 x 30 mm (3.23 x 1.18 in)
Weight 30 g (0.07 lb)