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Reinforced 3-layer transparent colors Molded with high precision material, i-Cover 401's transparent PC material and colorful rubber frame comes together perfectly with the original colors of iPhone4 for an eye-catching effect

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Description ‧ PQI has created a special light and form-fitting rear cover for the iPhone 4. In addition to enhancing protection, the frame features a rubber mold with shock protection that makes it easy to grab and securely hold onto. Also, the rear cover has 4 reinforced scratch-resistant places, so your iPhone 4 won't easily scratch, and the visibility of the Apple logo won't be reduced either. This simple, innovative design gives your iPhone 4 a little more color and character, and also gives you a chance to see for yourself how well PQI can work for you, and how fussy and attentive we are when it comes to our customers. Dimensions 118 x 62 x 12 mm (4.65 x 2.44 x 0.47 in) Weight 17.5 g (0.04 lb)