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Compact Flash 233X
Traditional CF card's capacity and speed can no longer meet the needs of modern day DSLR needs. PQI's 233x CF card is deisgned for professional grade DSLR for efficient storage with 35MB/sec write speed. The ultra fast write speed ensure every little detail is captured and maximizes the performance of your DSLR!

Compact Flash 233X
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Maximum Read speed at 35MB/sec

233x dual channel high transfer rate

Compatible with CompactFlash standards

Support Ultra DMA mode 0-5

Built-in Error Correction Ocdes (ECC)

Part Number: 6ACI**********

Interface: Compatible with Compact Flash Card

standards and PC Card ATA interface

Capacity: 2GB~64GB

Data Transfer Rate: Read 35MB/sec

Power Consumption: 3.3V