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Familiarization with DHT Company

company was founded in 1996 and began its activities in the field of hard ware and Computre systems. To introduce and offer the most brilliant and recent world technology is one of its primary purposes. For this reason, DHT company by using qualified experts, has dealt with research in the most brilliant and recent technologies of the world and has selected and offered some products such as PQI, Palit & Triplex.

DHT View

The aim od DHT company in marketing field is the establishment of new sale system with high productivity that in this field by using related expert,took action in creating one of the most unique sale networks and believes that this sale network is its primary asset and now by having the above mentioned aims, has 100 representatives ,primary and auxiliary branches in the Middle East.

For this reason ,DHT company in order to develope and expand this sale network ,took action in founding a branch in UAE that has been active in network for the company.

DHT Marketing Policy